Crypto Property Agency cooperates with the independent lawyers to provide our clientele with the transparent process of the conveyancing.

In other words, conveyancing is a transfer of real estate property from one person to another. It’s usually conducted by a licensed conveyancer or solicitor.

A buyer can go through the transfer process by his/her own, but we strongly recommend leaving this for professional lawyers since districts’ laws may vary in Australia.

Commonly a conveyance includes but not limited to:

  • checking a property for encumbrances and restrictions
  • ensuring all taxes and other charges are paid appropriately
  • arranging for the fees/charges payment and government duties for documents preparation
  • attending final settlements etc.

One of the lawyers we successfully cooperate is Greg Pointon, B.Com. LLB – Lawyer.

Greg Pointon, solicitorPhoto

Greg’s been in the law field since 1979. He’s got extensive experience with practical application in real estate.

Greg can explicitly explain all the Australian Government’s Foreign Investment Review Board’s (FIRB’s) requirements for foreign buyers.

Also, our lawyers will guide you through the entire process of buying or selling your properties regardless of whether using cryptocurrency or traditional ways of payment.

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