There are different ways to become a citizen of Australia. All of them are detailed at the Australian Government Department of Home Affairs website

In each case, you must meet certain requirements before applying for Citizenship.

Here’s the list of most common options (included but not limited to):

  • Permanent residents or New Zealand citizens
  • Persons over 60 years old
  • Your parent was an Australian citizen and you were born outside Australia
  • Children born to a former Australian citizen
  • Children adopted by Australian citizens

Australian citizenship gives you:

  • The right to vote;
  • The right to apply for an Australian passport;
  • The right to enter Australia without a visa for Australia;
  • The right to stand for election in Australian governments;
  • The right to work for the public service;
  • The right to serve Australia in the army, navy and air force;
  • The right to Australian diplomatic or consular protection when overseas;
  • Exemption from being deported from Australia unless you obtained your citizenship by illegal
  • In some cases multiple citizenships and many other.

Australian citizenship

Besides gaining these and other rights Australian citizenship involves certain responsibilities:

  • you will be required to vote in the Federal, State, and Local government elections
  • you may be asked to serve on a jury in courts
  • you may be required to denounce the citizenship from your origin country.

Want to become an Australian citizen? Talk to a lawyer.