1. 1. Why invest in real estate property in Australia?

    It’s easy to invest in Australia

    Unlike many other countries having strict foreign investment laws Australia is very investor friendly:
    ● No need to set up a business (company)
    ● No need to buy with the help of an Australian resident
    ● Getting approval for foreign buyers is quite easy (FIRB approval)
    ● National Consumer Credit Protection Act (NCCP Act, 2009) strongly protects investors’ rights.
    Australia is stable in regards to property market prices
    ● Australian real estate property market has a proven track record of stable prices
    ● No cases of prices fall more than 20% in one year
    ● Australian Prudential Regulation Authority (APRA) provides lending regulation and prudent economic management, which reduces the risk of price bubbles.

    Other overseas property markets (eg. the USA, Hong Kong, etc.) historically suffered crashes. Homes’ prices could have been dropped to 70% in one year, and investors experienced huge losses.

    This is not Australia’s case. No such volatility with its reals estates property market has been tracked for a long while.

    Australia shows the stable growth of property prices

    Real estate properties double in prices every 7-10 years on average. There are reasons for this:
    ● there has been a shortage of properties in the main cities
    ● the population grows faster than properties are being built
    ● people can afford to buy a house.
    Australia is an awesome place to reside

    Queensland (or the Sunshine State) has fantastic beaches and shelves. Its Gold Coast is the perfect place to live.

    New South Wales (or the First State) is famous for its wines, Sydney, of course, and vibrant nature spots.

    Victoria (or the Garden State, also known as the Place to be) is great for its Penguin Parade at Philip Island, and the Great Ocean Road, and Melbourne city sights.

    Moreover, many Australian universities are among the best in the world. So, Australia is a good place for education. For instance, the University of Melbourne in #9 in the Best universities for medicine 2019 (https://www.timeshighereducation.com/student/best-universities/best-universities-medicine#survey-answer).

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  2. 2. How does it work? What is the buying process?

    Crypto Property Agency offers you to buy real estate both for fiat money and cryptocurrencies (we tend to accept Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin mostly).

    No matter which way our client chooses we assist starting the property choosing to the final settlement.

    Buying a property with cryptocurrency only differ by the account type a client transfers money to.

    Here’s the common buying process with Crypto Property Agency assistance:

    Step 1. Choose the property.

    Visit our properties section and choose any, then contact us. In case you haven’t found the one you wanted to view and buy we encourage you to visit any other real estate agencies and pick out there.

    We will guide you through the entire process of buying with crypto regardless of the online or offline agency you’ve chosen a property from.

    Step 2. Contact us and meet your team of professionals who will coordinate the buying process.

    After choosing a property (or properties) you desire to buy, please, contact us for further details.

    Step 3. Continue with qualifying with the FIRB.

    Non-residents or temporary visa holders are legally required to get permission from the Foreign Investment Review Board or FIRB to buy property in Australia.

    Crypto Property Agency will help you with getting qualified with FIRB.

    Step 4. Exchange contracts, pay an initial deposit and wait for FIRB decision.

    You may exchange contracts with the seller after obtaining a loan or mortgage pre-approval or if your lawyer gives you full play for this stage.

    Then put down the initial deposit. Commonly it’s 10% but may be negotiable and differs depending on a state.

    After placing your deposit:

    You will receive a confirmation via email that your money is in a trust account.

    Step 5. Final arrangements and settlement.

    After signing the contract, forward its copy to FIRB for the approval.

    In case you decided to use loan/mortgage option get a bank’s formal approvals.

    While final settlement your property will change hands in presence of your lawyer (conveyancer or solicitor) in conjunction with a bank and mortgage broker (in case of mortgage involving). This procedure doesn’t require your presence.

    Now you are the owner of your dream property!

    Please view more details at How To Buy A Property in Australia (link).

  3. 3. How to buy a real estate property for cryptocurrency?

    If a buyer is a cryptocurrency investor and willing to buy a property for Bitcoin / Ethereum / Litecoin we are ready to assist.

    The advantages of buying a house or other property with crypto are quite obvious:
    ● cryptocurrencies are all-digital next-gen means of payment
    ● cryptocurrencies (Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin) has high-level security and anonymity.

    The procedure of buying a property for cryptocurrency in Australia is the following:

    Step 1. A buyer makes a deposit in BTC / ETH / LTC to our account.

    Step 2. Our dedicated agents convert this amount to Australian dollars and transfer to a lawyer’s trust account.

    Step 3. On final arrangements and settlement step, a buyer transfers the remaining amount in cryptocurrency on the basis of the exchange rate which is current as at this date.

    Step 4. Our agents convert this amount to Australian dollars and transfer to a seller’s account.

    Read more at … (link to the How to buy with crypto section)

  4. 4. How to sell my property for cryptocurrency?

    List your property here http://bitcoin-property.org/ru/sell-your-property-en/ for free. Add a few photos. Then you can change any details if needed.

    The further process of selling your property is the same – you will need lawyer’s / conveyancer’s assistance with that.

    The only difference is in the settlement: you’ll receive the amount in Bitcoins / Ethereums / Litecoins for your property.

  5. 5. How to list my property on bitcoin-property.org?

    Go to http://bitcoin-property.org/ru/sell-your-property-en/ .

    Fill out the mandatory fields:
    ● title for your property (make sure it’s catchy enough)
    ● main image (this will be the cover image showing your property in all its glory)
    ● price (in dollars).

    We recommend to fill out all fields in order to show your property at its finest. The more details you’ll provide the higher chances your listing will be catch buyer’s eye.

  6. 6. Whose account should I transfer a deposit for the property? Who is responsible for its safety and security then?

    In case you buy in Bitcoins / Ethers / Litecoins you will transfer your first deposit for buying a property to Crypto Property Agency’s representative verified account at the official Australian cryptocurrency exchange Independent Reserve: https://www.independentreserve.com

    Independent Reserve is a registered Australian company (ABN 46 164 257 069). It is an audited, Gold Certified member of the Australian Digital Commerce Association (ADCA), which represents the Cryptocurrency industry in Australia.

    After we receive your deposit, we will withdraw it to our account in the Australian bank (name the exact bank here?) and transfer it to your lawyer’s trust account.

    Finally, your deposit (converted to Australian dollars) will come to your conveyancer (lawyer) account and remain there untouched until the final settlement.

  7. 7. Which guarantees does a buyer receive before and after transferring a deposit in cryptocurrency?

    Crypto Property Agency cooperates with licensed conveyancers/lawyers who are responsible for your deposit and other activities while buying process.

    Our agency works openly and officially at Independent Reserve Cryptocurrency exchange (https://www.independentreserve.com), and after receiving your deposit to our representative’s verified account there, we will convert and transfer it to your lawyer’s trust account where it will remain till the end of the buying procedure.

  8. 8. How is a buyer protected from a sharp fall in Bitcoin?

    Everyone should realize one thing: all we know for sure at the end of each day are the facts.

    That means if Bitcoin prices rise on a certain day, all we certainly know is just that: the price increased. Financial analysts offer different explanations for why a cryptocurrency either raised or dropped in value, but it is almost impossible to know what exactly influenced the decisions of all the investors determining the price of a specific asset.

    Fortunately, looking at the certain cryptocurrency price history charts provides us information that we can openly research and interpret.

  9. 9. Which documents a buyer should provide to buy a real estate property?

    To start preparing the Agreement we only need your passport scan copy.

    In case any other documents will be needed further your lawyer (conveyancer) will contact you.

  10. 10. How to check if the lawyer I’ve hired is eligible to perform his activity?

    Basically, all lawyers are licensed in Australia. It’s impossible to practice legally without a license here. So, you don’t need to worry about your conveyancer or lawyer eligibility.

    Crypto Property Agency encourages you to choose a conveyancer by yourself. You may use Lawyers Directory to find one, eg. https://www.australianlawyersdirectory.com.au/

    We can assist you with this or you can hire one of the lawyers we cooperate with (link to lawyer service).

  11. 11. Does a buyer need to provide the proof of funds origin (regardless in cryptocurrency or fiat) to obtain an approval to buy a property?

    You should consult your lawyer regarding the process of obtaining approval to buy a property.

    All foreign persons need to apply for this approval at the FIRB website. Your conveyancer will guide you through this process.

  12. 12. Can a foreigner buy a property in Australia if he owns a company (business) here?

    Basically, yes. FIRB states (http://firb.gov.au/resources/guidance/gn03/): “Foreign persons that operate a substantial Australian business may apply to purchase established dwellings to house their Australian based employees”.

    There are other options for business owners.

    Please, ask your lawyer for further guidance.

  13. 13. Do you assist in buying an established Australian business in order to purchase a property for this company in cryptocurrency?

    Crypto Property Agency can assist you with this. Nevertheless, we strongly do not recommend this way of buying a property.

    When you purchase someone else’s company it comes as-is, and you buy it with all liabilities and debts. Naturally, you don’t want to take that many risks!

    We offer a better way: start operating your own business in Australia and thus you’ll be able to purchase a property after this.

    Our agency’s specialists are ready to assist you in starting your company.

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  14. 14. How long does it take to finish the settlements in case I buy a property for cryptocurrency?

    This process takes approximately the same time as if you were buying a property for fiat.

    First, you place a deposit (10%), after final arrangements and settlements you have 30 days to transfer the remaining amount.

  15. 15. Can I buy a property online without my physical presence in Australia?

    Yes, Crypto Property Agency made it possible. You can buy a property in Australia without leaving your home now.

    All agreements can be signed and sent via email. All transactions also can be done online using the convenient way.

    Contact our specialists to find more details:

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  16. 16. How to pay taxes and other fees with Bitcoin?

    This process is quite easy. We are ready to assist our clientele in this.

    Crypto Property Agency has got verified account at the Independent Reserve Exchange. We use this account to accept your deposit, convert to Australian dollars and after this pay all necessary fees and taxes.

  17. 17. Is it possible to buy property anonymously?

    No, basically a buyer can’t be anonymous.

    Real estate agreements must identify a buyer against whom the agreement will be enforced. That is the Australian law requirement.

    Yet sometimes buyers seek to remain anonymous for some reasons.

    Sometimes an anonymous buyer (so-called Principal) may purchase a property through a so-called nominee.

    Here are two scenarios.

    1. Nominee signs an agreement to buy a property and then assigns this agreement to Principal who closes on purchase.

    2. Nominee takes title to a property and later conveys it to Principal.

    Who are the possible nominees? This may be your child or spouse, or any other family member, for instance.

    If you intend to proceed with this type of purchase, it would be in your best interest to ask for advice of a lawyer.

  18. 18. I haven’t found a property I’d like to buy in your catalog, but I found it in another agency/website. Do you assist in buying a real estate from other agency for bitcoins?

    Yes, Crypto Property Agency cooperates with other agencies in order to assist our clients in buying the desired property for cryptocurrency.

    This is possible even if the other agency (you’ve found a property you wish to buy from) doesn’t work with cryptocurrency.

    Contact our agency to find out about this opportunity in details:

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